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DIY Home Decor Ideas

DIYDoing DIY decorations is the best route to take when your goal is to be unique. Bringing guests to your new home and showing the same, old decorations may not be too pleasing, but there is an answer!

We all know buying home decorations can be pretty expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Buying an inexpensive rug and turning it into wall decorations is a great alternative. If that isn’t what you had in mind, you can purchase kitchen placements as a new alternative.

Do you hate your kitchen backsplash? You can paint another one, lucky you. All you need is the right materials and a beautiful pattern. Purchase house paint, tape, base primer, a soft-bristle paint brush, oil-based polyurethane, and an acto knife. First clean and dry your backsplash. Apply tape to carve out your desired pattern, then trim your tape with your knife for neat lines. Place a layer of primer where you will paint and let set for about 45 minutes. Now, you are ready to paint. Place thin layers of paint, then build it up for a smooth result. When the paint dries, apply the oil-based polyurethane to prevent it from getting scratches. Also, the oil keeps it looking nice and shiny. Let that dry for about four hours and the tape can be removed and you are done.


Instead of piling books on your coffee table, you can make a book rack on your wall to hang your books. You will need wooden dowels, screw eyes, large buttons, needle and thread, cotton rope, ink pen, fabric of choice, fabric glue, ribbon tap, scissors, and a drill. You can pre-drill your holes in the ends of your dowels for the buttons. Fold your rope into quarters, knotting them at the top, then place a nail. Figure out how high you want your book hanger to be and loop a piece of rope through the eye and knot it. Use the same two strands for the front dowels and the other two for the back dowels. Use some form of measure to see how deep you want your pockets to be and cut your pieces from your chosen pattern. Attach the top piece with buttons and the front piece with fabric glue. You can sew your fabric over the wooden dowels to make them less visible. Then, hang your book hanger from a knob or drill a hole into the wall and hang it from a fancy screw.

Jul 16

LTV Tower Apartments Review By Little Me And Free

Original Post via Little Me and Free

LTV Tower Apartments Review


Recently, I was invited to stay at the LTV Tower Apartments in downtown Dallas. They are luxury high-rise apartments that are located above the Hilton Garden Inn hotel on Elm Street. The hotel and apartment residents share the same lobby and both have access to valet service and the hotel concierge as well. The LTV Tower apartments are in a fantastic location in downtown, within walking distance to many shops and restaurants, as well as an amazing nightlife. I invited two of my close friends to join me for this staycation. It was a fabulous girls’ weekend.

When we arrived the friendly leasing agents welcomed us with keys and gave us a tour of the residences, and then took us to our apartment on the 24th floor. When we first walked in we were amazed at how bright the apartment was and we loved the downtown views. The apartment was very modern and featured an open floor plan with stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors.

This apartment would be good for a couple and the two bedrooms would work great for roommates or a family. The apartments are dog friendly so Romy, my four pound Yorkshire Terrier, got to join us for our stay.





Romy was digging the Downtown Dallas views!

On our first night we walked to Nola Brasserie to meet friends for dinner and cocktails. Their rum punch was on point! We then had a short walk to the Midnight Rambler in the basement of the Joule for some after dinner drinks.

Holding hands with my bestie!

Southwest Cobb Salad

BBQ Shrimp and Grits!

Enjoying the delicious rum punch at Nola Brasserie.




The next day we walked from LTV Tower directly across the street to The Woolworth for brunch. The food was fantastic and they run a great brunch special! The famous 30 foot eye sculpture is in the park catty-corner from LTV tower; unfortunately they were doing construction so I had to settle on taking a picture next to an ice cream cone sculpture instead.

Our view of LTV Tower during brunch :)

After finishing up brunch we decided that we wanted to check out LTV’s rooftop pool which just happens to be on the 32nd floor. The pool was very chic; it had great downtown views and an awesome party room connected to it. If I lived there, I would take advantage of it as much as I could because not many downtown apartments have rooftop pools.




After our fun in the sun we decided to go get mani pedis at Pink Toes Nails Bar which was a short walk away. Since most people walk in the area they gave us a ride back on their very own street legal golf cart. This was a huge help since we had wet toes!


Thanks Kyla for the ride!

After our golf car ride back to the apartment we decided to get ready for our night out. We took a quick Uber ride to Reunion Tower to go to Five Sixty by Woolgang Puck for appetizers and drinks before dinner. This restaurant is located inside the ball that you see lit up in the famous Dallas skyline at night. The 360 degree views are absolutely fantastic, and I recommend trying the spring rolls if you go. To ensure that you don’t have to wait for entrance, I suggest making reservations ahead of time. After enjoying our time at Five Sixty, we went to Dallas Chop House for dinner. Their steaks are excellent. After dinner, we decided to walk across the street to a Mexican restaurant for margaritas. By that time, we were worn from our adventurous day in downtown so we called it a night.

Lychee Martini @ Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck
A special thanks to LTV Tower apartments for hosting us! For more information on leasing one of these apartments you can go here.

What I’m Wearing Outfit 1: Forever 21 Yellow Crop Top (Size Small), Forever 21 Yellow Pleated Skirt (Size Small), Joie Fringed Suede Heels (s/o but these are similar)

Outfit 2: Champagne Campaign Swimsuit (Size Medium), Flower Cat Ears (s/o but these are similar)

Outfit 3: Zara Off the Shoulder Striped Top (s/o Size Small), Rag & Bone White Jean Shorts (Size 26), Laurence Dacade Gladiator Sandals (s/o), Louis Vuitton Gold Sunglasses

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Getting Sleep In Your Apartment

Do you ever find yourself not getting much sleep at night? Do you blame your chaotic neighbors? It is completely normal to throw a birthday party at 4 AM in an apartment, right?

It’s human nature to make some noise often. However, some people tend to make too much noise. Get comfortable enough with your neighbors to express your feelings about that with them. You do not have to do it alone. You can ask your roommate or your home managers to guide you. Here are some effective tips to cope with your noisy neighbors.

C088941D0BEfficient ways to block out noisy neighbors:
Get creative. Hang up lovely posters and wall decorations to serve as a barricade between the noise and you. There are decorations specifically made to block loud noises. Many of those decorations come with double-sided tape, very convenient.

Insulate your rooms. Cover the bottom of your doors with a rug or towel. This is the best way to conceal sounds, making them sound quieter. Who knows, you may even be saving yourself from smoke entering your place.

Make your own noise. Turn on a fan to mask the noise coming from next door. You can even get earbuds and play a soothing song until you are asleep.

Communicate. Politely, ask your neighbors about the noise. Explain to them how it hinders your sleeping at night and ask them them to be keep the noise to a minimum.

Join in the fun.
Nothing’s better than having neighbors who know how to have a blast. Bring some of your favorite party snacks and party ‘till the sun comes up while being respectful to the other neighbors.

I assure you, you will be sleeping better after these steps. Have a good night!

Apr 16

Apartment Living With Pets

File Apr 28, 4 41 58 PMSome may cringe at the idea of living in a small space with a pet and others may not want to live alone so they get a pet. Obviously, the most common pets are cats and dogs. Did you know that there are other animals that make great pets for small spaces? Many people may want a dog but are nervous about having one in an apartment. As long as you know the dos and don’ts of living in a small space with a dog, you’ll be fine. Some may be concerned if the dog has separation anxiety; just make sure you have plenty of toys that he can access while you are out. Give your dog his own bed, a basket of toys, even better, toys that dispense treats. Having things to keep your dog occupied while you’re away is a good way to come home with your furniture still intact. If a dog is too high maintenance for you, try a cat, as long as you’re not allergic to it! You can decorate your apartment with shelves going up the walls for your kitty to jump up on or grow cat nip grass and have it on the window sill. Cat nip will bring greenery in and make your apartment feel lively and it will entertain your cat for hours. If dogs and cats are still a bit much, you can get a hamster, gerbil or if you like to be different, a hedgehog. These little creatures have their own house, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting messed up. You still have to give these guys attention though. You wouldn’t want to live with someone that ignores you, would you? If you are scared of commitment, you can always opt for a fish or even a hermit crab, like all living things, you must feed and water them. Regardless of what pet you have or thinking about getting, you’ll put up with everything that your pet does because, after all, he’ll be your best roommate ever!

Dec 15

5 Things That Make Christmas Extra Special In Dallas

Trains at Northpark
The Trains at Northpark mall are the largest exhibition of trains in the southwest. The exhibit features 4,000 square feet of train themed environments, with all the trimmings of the holiday train travel experience. The trains roll through a 1,600 feet track on a journey across the USA including downtown Dallas, the State Fair of Texas and the Cotton Bowl and various other highlights. All proceeds from ticket sales go to helping families at Ronald McDonald House of Dallas.

12Days11-110912 Days of Christmas at Dallas Arboretum
Dallas Arboretum celebrates the holiday season with their very own 12 Days of Christmas. The exhibit features an elaborate collection of 25-foot Victorian gazebos. The gazebos are filled with Christmas carol inspired costumed characters and animals. There is a .75 mile walk through the exhibit, where you will witness these handcrafted gazebos and enjoy festive music across the Dallas Arboretum winter wonderland.

2015-DDI-Wanderland-Logo-DCVB-base-01_zpssitn1swcDowntown Wanderland
Celebrate the holidays like never before in Downtown Dallas at the Dallas Wanderland. Downtown is decorated for the holidays including the Neiman Marcus Holiday Windows and Holiday Collection. Decorations feature a 20 inch wreath and new holiday tree at Main Street Garden. Downtown Wanderland includes shopping with pop up boutiques, entertainment and live music, family friendly activities, photos with Santa, happy hours, up and coming artist and so much more!

Tree & Ice Skating @ The Galleria
The Galleria of Dallas features America’s tallest indoor Christmas tree with over a half a million lights and more than 10,000 ornaments. Enjoy ice skating around the tree and daily illumination celebration light shows set to music.

Gift of Light at Texas Motor Speedway
The Texas Motor Speedway turns into a holiday spectacular including 2 million LED lights in 600 holiday display that you can drive through. As of this year, there are hundreds of new light displays as well as an all new Santa’s village, at the end of the drive thru park, that features refreshments, photos with Santa, and miniature train rides.


Honorable Mention:
Gaylor Texan’s Lone Star Christmas “Ice” Exhibit
The Gaylor Texan’s Lone Star Christmas features dozens of lavish Lone Star Christmas displays that include more than 2 million twinkling lights and acres of larger-than-life decorations, Ice! exhibit with the theme of around the world, photos with Santa, Santa’s wild workshop, snow tubing, and Gingy’s Gingerbread decorating.

Dec 15

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Dallas Lover

Since Christmas is only a few days away we put together a list of last minute gifts for your favorite Dallas lover!

Dallas Potrait
Dallas Skyline Portrait

Mozzarella Co Wine and Cheese Class

Kinky Friedman’s Guide to Texas Etiquette

Texas Olive Ranch Gift Box

Dallas Typography Map

Herman Marshall Whiskey

Dallas Shampoo

Dude, Sweet Chocolate Gift Box

Nov 15

Autumn and Winter at the Arboretum

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, and there’s no better place to experience it than in Dallas! In fact, a Texas favorite holiday event occurs annually right near us at LTV Tower. Within the Dallas Arboretum (, you can find two seasonal-themed exhibitions perfect for the weekend. For those that haven’t been, our local Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a stunning centerpiece of our city. Spread across 66 acres, these gorgeous grounds change with the time of year, always offering beautiful displays and fantastically fun events no matter the weather. This year the now-traditional holiday showcases are back.

Autumn at the Arboretum

Photo via Dallas Arboretum
Photo via Dallas Arboretum

Running September 19th to November 25th, this event was named one of ‘The Best Fall Festivals’ by Country Living this year. Home to the nationally acclaimed Pumpkin Village, which is created with more than 75,000 pumpkins, gourds, and squash by an adept horticulture team, this local tradition is a fantastically colorful show of creativity and local ingenuity. This year they’ve chosen to recreate an old Texas town in the Pecan Grove, and there’s even a mosaic of Texas itself built purely of pumpkins. This is the perfect event for a picnic, so bring along your family, friends, and a basket and blanket to enjoy the weather before it gets too cold

Holiday at the Arboretum

Photo via Dallas Arboretum
Photo via Dallas Arboretum

Running November 8th to January 3rd, celebrate winter and all its snowy chill. The historic DeGolyer House is intricately decorated for the holidays, featuring the Artistry of the Nativity exhibition – with 300 crèches from around the world – it’s an unmissable event. Along with the Ray Harrington Collection, the George Dvorsky collection will return as well. Newer to the Holiday at the Arboretum display is the 500,000 lights throughout the garden and hung over the beautiful architecture.

Have you been to the Arboretum before? Don’t miss out on your chance now, and be sure to discuss your favorite displays in the comments.

Nov 15

A Master Chef How-To

Photo via Sur La Table
Photo via Sur La Table

It’s the end of November, everyone, and we know what means. Turkey day is upon us. As we begin to prep the necessary ingredients for the perfect feast, don’t forget that technique is half the recipe when it comes to great cooking. Not only that, but there’s always room to learn more! There are quite a few sites out there that can offer you cooking tips, but nothing quite beats learning first-hand. There are some great courses in Dallas, TX to teach you the ways of the salt and spatula, and we here at LTV Tower have a few suggestions as to which might be best. Provided below is a list of courses perfect for preparing for Thanksgiving and beyond!

Central Market Cooking School
Highly recommended by the community as a whole, Central Market is the perfect way to spend a date night. There’s instructors for almost every person attending, and you learn to cook more than a single dish in a sitting. Best of all, they don’t make you wait until the end to eat what you create. Appetizers start off the experience, and the class begins after you’ve been temporarily sated.

Sur La Table
Featuring a store of amazing cooking crockery and gadgets, Sur La is more than a classroom. Here you can learn the fundamental skills for a lifetime of cooking rather than a singular meal. This rich learning experience varies throughout the year, so the subject at hand will alter per course. Contact the local Dallas store to find out what they have coming up.

The Blissful Chef
Looking for a healthier lifestyle? Getting help from the Blissful Chef is the perfect way to start. Grounded primarily around plant-based cooking, the classes offered are a quick and informative introduction to a natural, organic life. Experience vegan recipes as they should be sampled – well-made and just as delicious as the not-so-healthy versions. Either through a private cooking instruction or cooking party, the Blissful Chef offers an easy way to learn at home.

How did you learn to cook? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Sep 15

October Performances in Dallas

LTV Tower hopes to direct you to some incredible performances in Dallas, TX next month. We’d love to hear from you in the comments! Let us know what you’re planning to go see or come back and write a review after you go!

Click on the name of the event for more information like time, location, and ticketing information.

Wednesday, September 2 – Sunday, October 11
Hilarious and downright irreverent, MOONSHINE: That Hee Haw Musical distills the spirit of an iconic television series and bottles it into an original musical comedy!

Ravel Piano Concerto
Thursday, October 1 – Sunday, October 4
Ravel’s jazz-infused concerto springs to life accompanied by the dream-like piano of Hélène Grimaud. Also, the magnificence of Mahler as only Maestro Jaap van Zweden can deliver.

Peking Dreams
Wednesday, October 7
The National Circus and Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China brings their jaw-dropping performance, Peking Dreams, to the Meyerson. This production – the very same one they performed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics – will leave audiences stunned as acrobats perform trapeze tricks, high-chair balances, bicycle stunts and grand martial arts.

October Performances in DallasMötley Crüe
Wednesday, October 7
Mötley Crüe is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California on January 17, 1981. Mötley Crüe has sold more than 100 million records worldwide including 25 million in the US.

Ariana Grande
Sunday, October 11
Some of Ariana Grande‘s honors include New Artist of the Year at the 2013 American Music Awards, Music Business Association’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year, “Best Pop Video” at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, “Best Song” and “Best Female” at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards, and two Grammy Award nominations for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

JVZ Conducts Bruckner 5
Thursday, October 15 – Sunday, October 18
Surrender to the cosmic mystery of one of Bruckner’s most intricate works – majestic, awe-inspiring, guaranteed to thrill with its ever-changing palette and vast cathedral of sound, as
Jaap van Zweden conducts Bruckner Symphony No. 5.

October Performances in DallasDracula
Friday, October 16 – Sunday, October 18
This spellbinding masterpiece brought to stage by the legendary Ben Stevenson will transfix you from first to last bite. You won’t want to miss this performance at the Texas Ballet Theater.

Al Di Meola
Thursday, October 22
A bona fide guitar hero, perennial poll-winner and virtuoso of the highest order, Al Di Meola has also been recognized over the past 30 years as a prolific composer and respected artist. The depth of Di Meola’s writing along with the soulfulness and his inherent lyricism of his guitaristic expression have won him legions of fans worldwide beyond the six-string set.

Come to the Cabaret
Friday, October 23 – Saturday, October 24
Spend a night at the cabaret when New York star Ashley Brown brings her unique stage show to the Meyerson with Chicago, Make Someone Happy and Defying Gravity.

Kyle Abraham
Thursday, October 29 – Friday, October 30
Infectious Music and Magnetic Dancers— that’s Abraham.In.Motion. Urban funk meets modern dance. MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient Kyle Abraham has forged a meteoric rise to stardom for his unique and compelling choreography.

Halloween Organ Spooktacular
Saturday, October 31
Celebrate the spookiest day of the year in the Meyerson. Bradley Hunter Welch and the Lay Family Concert Organ will fill the hall with the sounds of Halloween. Arrive early for the most popular costume contest in the Dallas Arts District!

Sep 15

Dallas’s Pride and Joy: The State Fair

Dallas’s Pride and Joy: The State FairDid you know that the state fair of Texas is more than a hundred years old? But to be fair (pun intended), it has grown a lot since 1886. So this definitely is not your great great grandfather’s event anymore. Before you leave the comfort of your apartment at LTV Tower and head out to have the kind of fun you can only have in Dallas, be sure to brush up on your state fair history. This way, as you soak in all the excitement in the air, you will be able to truly appreciate the most largely attended state fair in the country.

When the state fair opened in 1886 it boasted 14,000 visitors. The fair started hosting its first auto show in 1904, and in 1913 the fair introduced its first automobile building with 175 vehicles. The auto show now spreads over 300,000 square feet.

One of the highlights of the fair each year, the Red River Rivalry, a college football game between the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the University of Texas Longhorns, came to the fair in 1929. The Longhorns won that meeting with a final score of 21-0 and since then have always led the series.

In 1985 the Texas Star ferris wheel opened. At the time it was the largest ferris wheel in North America. It retained that title until 2013. The Texas Star is an incredible 212 feet tall. You will not miss it!

The Fried Peanut Butter, Jelly and Banana sandwich made its first appearance at the fair in 2005. SInce then the fair has seen a number of interesting deep-fried concoctions including Oreos, Twinkies, pork ribs and cheesecake.

This year, the fair will be running from the 25th of September until the 18th of October in Dallas’s Fair Park. Check out the fair’s website for more information.

Many attractions have come and gone from the state fair over the years. Have you been to the fair in previous years? What is your favorite attraction? Please share it with us in the comments; we don’t want to miss anything either!

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